I have been doing taxes this week. Lots. As an American citizen living abroad, I need to submit a tax return to the U.S. as well as to my country of residence. As a business owner, I also need to submit returns for my business to both countries. My Norwegian taxes can be done fairly quickly. They can be filed online in a fairly straightforward process, where most of the information is already filled in. My American taxes are another story. This year's return was more than 40 pages, which cost me about $9 in postage.

Discipling nations

The following is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, The Call of the Child.

Jesus, in what is often called The Great Commission, called us to make disciples of all nations. That is frequently interpreted to mean that we should disciple some people from every nation. Which is true. But I believe it also means that each of us should live in such a way that we disciple the nation in which we live.

Having the Mind of Christ

We have three adult children, and we are quite proud of them. It is a pleasure to see how, each in their own way, they reflect the values which were a part of their upbringing.

It's a little bit like James 4:5, which says that God longs for his Spirit to dwell in his children. It's not just that God wants us to be saved and to be filled with his Spirit. It also brings him pleasure when our thinking reflects his Wisdom.


Thirty-four years ago today, I found myself wandering the streets of Bergen, Norway. In those days, it was my job to travel to cold and dark places where I would spend hours watching the Aurora Borealis. I had just spent four weeks, mostly alone, at the Northern Lights Station near Longyearbyen, Svalbard—about 600 miles north of Norway.