The Prodigal Son's Father

Tales of a very different sort of kingdom

Cover photo of The Prodigal Son's FatherThe parables of Jesus describe a Kingdom which is uncommonly normal. In other words, it is good, but very different from what we commonly experience. In this unconventional look at 28 parables, you will discover that God is a Good Father and we are all welcome as his children; that the culture of his Kingdom is very different from what we might think; and that living in Kingdom culture can change the culture which surrounds us. But, to get there, we might need to change the way we think.

Among the things you might discover:

  • Grace is the fragrance released when the righteousness of God is enveloped by the love of God.
  • The Kingdom is inhabited by sons and daughters, not by servants.
  • The King is extravagant.
  • In this Kingdom, what matters is potential rather than performance.
  • The currency of the culture of freedom is blessing.
  • In the Kingdom, the purpose of wealth is to spread blessing.
  • The Kingdom of Heaven is a party!

And much, much more.

Published 2018. 296 pages.

Paperback version available from Amazon.

Also available as a Kindle e-book.

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