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The Call of the Child

Cultivating Peace in a Culture of Conflict

Jesus stepped into this world, seemingly weak and foolish, demonstrating the heart of a Father with a transformational perspective. His goal was t bring many sons and daughters to glory—to invite us out of our deceptive "reality" into a strong family likeness with his and our true Father. It is a calling to relationships based on the Father's love rather than on value through performance; a calling to love enemies, to bless the wicked, and to gain victory through loss.

In the midst of the division and fragmentation so prevalent around us, the Call of the Child is to be peacemakers who transform our families, communities, and nations. This book first lays a foundation for seeing like a peacemaker and then gives practical insight into a dozen different realms of peacemaking. Read more...

Published May 2021. 180 pages
The Call of the Child

The Prodigal Son's Father

Tales of a very different sort of kingdom

The parables of Jesus describe a Kingdom which is uncommonly normal. In other words, it is good, but very different from what we commonly experience. In this unconventional look at 28 parables, you will discover that God is a Good Father and we are all welcome as his children; that the culture of his Kingdom is very different from what we might think; and that living in Kingdom culture can change the culture which surrounds us. But, to get there, we might need to change the way we think. Read more...

Published 2018. 296 pages
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Walking His Ways

The road to a transformed nation begins with a transformed mind

What is it that God most longs for? How can we make a resting place for him? Can we experience the Kingdom of God on earth as in heaven? Does that have anything to say for the community where you live?

There is much to be discovered when we walk in the ways that lead into the heart of Gods Kingdom. This book explores three of these paths: The way of royalty, the way of grace, and the way of unity. The journey may seem long, and at times it may feel exhausting. But the outlook to be found there is breathtakingly beautiful, and the companionship along the way is irresistible. Read more...

Published 2014 in Norwegian. English edition 2018. 139 pages
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Å vandre hans veier

Veien til et forvandlet samfunn begynner med et forvandlet sinn

Hva er det Gud lengter mest etter? Hvordan skapes et hvilested for ham? Kan vi oppleve Guds rike på jorden som i himmelen? Har det noe å si for byen eller bygden der du bor?

Det er mye å oppdage når vi vandrer på veier som fører inn i hjertet av Guds rike. Denne boken utforsker tre veier: Kongelighetens vei, nådens vei og enhetens vei. Reisen kan virke lang og tidvis anstrengende. Men utsiktene er vakre og vennskapet langs veien er uunnværlig.

Utgitt 2014 av Gjenreising Norsk Forlag. 125 sider
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